Trusted House Sitters reviews
  • 09 Sep, 2021
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Trusted House Sitters reviews

Trusted House Sitters is a global marketplace that connects a community of home and pet owners with sitters to come up with two possible solutions: pet care and cost-effective travel. The global market specializes in house sitting, dog sitting, home security, and digital nomads.

House sitting has been an essential service in the pet industry since its inception. It allows busy people to have their homes looked after while they go on vacation. It also lets individuals freelancers work without worrying about their pets being neglected or abused when no one's looking out for them, which makes it perfect for pet owners and employees alike. But how much are you going to spare for their services? Regardless, you can always save money with Trusted House Sitters coupon codes and promo codes.

Based on the current trends it is a difficult task to identify whether we can really trust anyone with our properties; we hear news of robberies and thefts happening regularly everywhere. The main difference is you care enough to ensure your loved ones are safe and sound even when you're not around to take care of them yourself! We all have the responsibility to take care of each other for the best of tomorrow. That is why Trusted House Sitters came into existence.

Trusted House Sitters is a platform where you have the chance to become a pet sitter and take care of pets. There are thousands of members already, so you just need to sign up for free and start browsing through the list of jobs that caught your interest today!

After all, it's about time more people feel secure about leaving their house behind when going out for work or vacation.

At present, there has been no information disclosed on who started this business and what the company name is; however, we were able to find some valuable information. It was found by Andy Peck and Rachel Martin in 2010, and it is located in the UK.

Peck and Martin had to say this about Trusted House Sitters: We have created a new and innovative online service for pet & house sitters and homeowners. We believe that we have found an excellent way of bringing these two groups together in order to provide an effective, reliable, and secure service for both parties.

It needs to be mentioned that Trusted House Sitters is not regulated by any authority or profession, so there are many people who sign up in order to play on the client's naivety. This can be problematic especially when getting your payment back after you came back from your trip. What is more, different members have different rules regarding the payments they expect from their clients. For, it is operating in over 130 countries. Therefore, this is based on the client and House Sitter negotiations, though it is worthwhile. Whenever you have the experience, you can get more individuals/clients to work for. Known rates based in London include:

The company was started in 2010 and is based in London. The owner of the firm is Dima Pavlovsky. Expect $10/hour for pet sitting and $15/hour for house sitting. It's best to negotiate your pay directly with your clients when you're just starting out, though, especially since most people don't actually know what their perfect price point should be (including myself). You can also charge anywhere between $5-$40 for overnight Pet Sitting, depending upon the location & the services which are required to offer.

Yes, absolutely, it provides a good offer. Trusted House Sitters has thousands of jobs available worldwide for high-quality house sitters (no contract needed). You can also do this work with your own website and keep 100% of the money you make. is a free resource to use as a tool to find pet sitting and house-sitting jobs near you. Minimal staff training is required to ensure that the job is delivered and performed properly.

What does Trusted House Sitter do?

Trusted House Sitters is similar to the popular website, TaskRabbit in terms of the duties offered by the House Sitters. Procedures involved during the application process includes:

·         Trusted House sitters are vetted by before they can start applying for jobs on the site. At this point, homeowners who want a house sitter can review their profiles and check references before trusting them with anything.

·         The homeowner must provide important information such as emergency contacts, whether pets will be left alone during the house-sitting assignment, where keys will be kept while house sitting and the place where food is kept. This gives both parties peace of mind and enables the house sitter to take care of things while owners are away. Some of the Pet Sitters duties include: to come and feed pets; water plants; clean their habitats and ensure that the pets are stress-free by playing with them.

House Sitting Jobs & Pet Sitting Jobs

Once you register as a house sitter or pet sitter through our website, we make it easy for clients looking for house sitters and pet sitters in your area – people who need someone they can trust – to find you! We regularly update our service and feature only those individuals with excellent credentials: fully vetted profiles complete with customer endorsements and individuals with good customer retention.

House sitting or pet sitting requires no special skills or certifications, making this type of service particularly attractive to stay-at-home moms and retirees looking to bring in some income.

We provide an easy way for house sitters & pet sitters to find quality jobs close by. For homeowners, it is less expensive than kennels and batteries, but still gives them peace of mind knowing that pets are safe and sound!

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Is House Sitting Safe?

On an honest basis, it is more than you can even imagine. This is because House Sitters are verified and have to feed in their details during their application process. Therefore, the outcome is a win-win outcome.

Is House Sitting necessary?

Absolutely yes, it is important and very good. This mostly applies to individuals with pets and busy schedules during the day. As a result, the pets will need companionship, food and being looked after when the owner is away.

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