TidyTag Music Tag Video Editor Review
  • 26 Jul, 2021
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TidyTag Music Tag Video Editor Review

Most media software and players have a built-in music tag editor which helps in adding song information such as the name of the artist, the genre and the title. However, most of them are limited and there are chances that you are going to need more than one features of what they provide. If you are out there looking for a music tag video editor for your large selection of music tracks, then you have to go for the top-performing music tag video editors such as TidyTag Video editor.

The TidyTag Music Tag gives an efficient way to work with the song metadata. This efficiency is only possible through a dedicated MP3 tagging tool that can save you time and ensure all the files have consistent tag information. So is TidyTag Music Tag a good and reliable software for your needs? This review post has all the information you need to make a sound decision.

About TidyTag Music Tag Video editor

This software is ID3 Tag Editor Software for Mac and Windows. Its main purpose is to help users add or modify ID3 tags to the music collections. It also serves to remove duplicates in the music Library.

This is a hardy tool for everyone that is looking to keep their music organized and having all the information needed in decision making. Users can easily keep the information displayed on the audio files in a clear manner.

TidyTag Music Tag Video Editor Pros and cons


  • It keeps your music organised
  • Has a built-in media player
  • It’s easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with different file formats
  • It supports main metadata formats


  • Lacks inbuilt Virus detection software

What I liked about TidyTag Music Tag Video editor

The best thing about this software is the fact that it supports all the main music software including M4R, MP3, AIF, AIFF, M4A, WAV, APE, ASAF, WAMA, FLAC and OGG audio files. It also supports the main metadata formats which are Ogg Vorbis Comment, ID3V2.4, ID3V2, ID3VI.3 and RIFF Tag.

Using this software, you cannot only tag the information about the specific music video or audio but also edit all the missing and mislabelled music information such as the artist, the release year, the track number, cover, lyrics and album or the song title.

It’s also possible to upload the cover art and add lyrics manually along with inputting file information in the tag panel. The software has a built-in media player that allows you to listen to the music as you edit the tags. The media player also has the option of any other features such as stop, pause, play and Volume UP and Volume Down.

TidyTag music Tag Video editor also allows you to rename the audio files depending on the tag information and at the same time manage the files by easily moving them to separate folders depending on the genre, albums, artists and any other information.

You can actually get tired of the duplicate audio because they not only occupy the hard disk but also keep on replying; you can manually check the duplicate files and get rid of them with ease. You just have to scan the duplicates using the audio file attributes such as the artist, the file size, the release date and the tile to get rid of the duplicates.

What I didn’t like about Tidy Tag Music Tag Video Editor

There are few things I didn’t like about this software. The first is the price which seems relatively higher than what the competitors charge. Besides having a Free version and a Money back Guarantee, the Free version may not come with all the features needed to make it work for you. The other thing is that this software lacks an inbuilt antivirus scanner to make sure that all the files shared are 100% safe. The size of this software is also relatively higher taking more hard disk space.

Tidy Tag Music Tag Video Editor Price and coupons

As shared above, one of the worst nightmares is spending a lot of money in single software that performs such a simple task. Besides being software for windows and mac, you have to look for ways to save money on subscriptions and limit your spending. Currently, Tidy Tag Music Video editor is available for Free and for Premium subscriptions. However, you might have to deal with ads and other frustrations with the Free versions. To get the best service, you can upgrade to Tidy Tag Premium at a very affordable price.

Tidy Tag Free version comes with features such as Tag Your Favourite creators; segment your connections and prospects and leads for easily following up the music. When it comes to the Premium features, there’s a lot of confusion about the pricing. Most of the websites claims that TidyTag Basic and Premium are free services.

There are some websites that claims you will be expected to pay between $25 and $35 as a onetime purchase or a subscription of $9 to $19 depending on the features. The claims are unconfirmed and so you should take time to check Tidy Tag Music Tag Video editor coupon codes, promo codes and Hot deals in 2021 to clearly discern.

TidyTag vs. Competitors: Prices and features



Free Trial


$25-$35 one time, $9-19 monthly subscriptions



$3-Starting per month


Online check Writer

$4.99 per month starting



$90 per month starting



$19 per month



$10 per month



Tidy Tag Music Tag Video Editor FAQs

How much does Tidy Tag cost?

There’s a lot of confusion about the price of Tidy Tag. However, the Premium account will come with full features that you might need along the way. You might pay up to $35 for a one-time subscription and about $19 monthly for the premium account.

Does Tidy Tag offer a free plan?

Yes, this software offers a free plan. It is actually free and there’s little to worry about when it comes to the prices and the features. In some other websites, it’s clear that you will have to pay $25 or $35 as a one-time purchase of a subscription that costs between $9 and $19.

Are there alternatives to Tidy Tag music tag editor?

Yes, there are more than 11 alternatives listed that can all perform the same tasks with Tidy Tag