Namecheap Hosting Review
  • 22 Jul, 2021
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Namecheap Hosting Review

If you have thought of starting an online business but you don’t have a website, I’ll suggest you pursue that dream immediately. There are countless reasons why you should take your business online whether as a blogger, Freelancer or an online shop owner. The fact is that a website is an online virtual property. The minute you get a domain name, you immediately own a virtual online address for your business.

Another major reason why you should think of a website is the fact that website never sleep. With a physical business, you’ll probably close in the evening and head home, but with a website, your business will always be active. But how easy is it to start a website? There are countless challenges you can go through such as finding a good domain service, web hosting service and also saving money on all this.

Luckily, NameCheap offers cheap domain registration and website hosting services. You can as well get a 65% off your cost. Looking for the best web hosting coupons and hot deals, check on

To help you in choosing the best way to start a website, we have reviewed and tested one of the best web hosting companies, Domain registration service provider in the world. NameCheap was founded 21 years ago by Richard Kirkendall and they have racked up to three million customers over the last 18 years.

Their main service is domain name registration. However, they provide a couple of other services. NameCheap has been praised recently for starting other services and helping their users save money on domain names and web hosting. So what’s the deal with NameCheap? Is it a good service provider to start with? How does NameCheap services and prices compare to the competition?

NameCheap pros and cons


  • Free Domain name
  • Good speed
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Decent load time
  • 30-days money back Guarantee
  • No Hidden costs
  • Fully loaded Value plan
  • Excellent third party reviews


  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Lack of Data Centres

NameCheap Pricing, Hosting plans and promotions

If you sign with NameCheap for two years, you will probably save a lot of money along the way. For people that will choose the annual plans, the price would be $1.16 every month which is even cheaper. The monthly cost is $2.88.

For the domains, this company gives you a Free first year domain name. The sign up process is also one of the easiest in the market. If you are worried about the prices, then there are two disclaimers to keep in mind.

The offer will be available for new purchases only. The promotional price will equally be available for the first 12 months on the annual payments. After this, you will be required to renew with the normal charges.

It is also important to know that unmetered disk space is offered with the Unlimited Package. The disc space is mainly intended for the website and not for the storage purposes and it should be used in accordance with the AUP. To clearly understand NameCheap prices and plans, here’s a summary table.

NameCheap plans





Email accounts

Stellar Plan






Stellar Plus Plan


Auto backup





Stellar Business Plan


Auto backup

Cloud storage






For the best domain and hosting services, you need a reliable service that will keep your website visible at least 99.9% of the time. This is the first most important consideration for Businesses, Freelance websites and blogging sites. NameCheap scored a 100% uptime the first one month we tested it. However, I can assure you a 99.9% uptime on average. This is a great score for a web host service provider.

Load Time test

The second most important consideration in this case is the Load times. You probably don’t want your users to wait up to 30 seconds before a page opens. The load time is very important because it’s directly proportional to your customer’s satisfaction. Google claims that the probability of someone staying when a website has decent load time can increase with over 100%. So, you need a provider with decent load times such as NameCheap. The service claims a 417 ms load time which is at the top of the chart in the industry.

Customer service

NameCheap has the worst Customer service in the market today. This is among the most serious cons of signing up for NameCheap services. The customer support is not very responsive. There are limited ways of reaching the customer service. However, NameCheap is currently improving on this and we can expect a relatively better customer service soon. Poor customer service can keep you waiting for long during downtimes.

Do we recommend NameCheap Domain and Hosting service?

Yes, we recommend NameCheap services because of the great features, the affordable plans and great Uptime. Existing and new customers seems to love NameCheap mainly because of the annual NameCheap Promotions and coupons, Uptime and speed results and lack of any hidden costs. But still, we have a challenge with the customer service and reliability. We expect that NameCheap will always be at your rescue in case you land into a bump throughout your web journey. However, the company has one of the worst Customer support reviews in the market today.


Many internet users know NameCheap as a management and a domain registration service. However, they offer more than these services; they have also received a lot of reviews and testimonies from their previous users which means that their services are legit.

In this Battle, NameCheap is a clear winner. This is mainly because of their affordable services and a relatively better uptime record. They also offer a slightly better customer service and a range of features for an excellent price.

No, every information in their website is clear and straightforward. This means that they don’t have any hidden fees. Therefore, you will not incur additional costs after choosing NameCheap.