Hotel Sheets Direct Review
  • 06 Sep, 2021
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Hotel Sheets Direct Review

Sound sleep is very important. It’s really the only way to refresh the body and mind. In order to sleep well at night, you will need a good bed, a comfortable mattress, and top-quality bed sheets. Hotel Sheets Direct is what will help you sleep like a baby in a cloudy mood. There are so many things that make these bed sheets unique and one of a kind.

For one thing, they actually have the highest 1800 thread count, which as you might have noticed is the best in the beddings market. Secondly, the Hotel Sheets Direct is made of 100% Viscose derived from high quality bamboo. These hotel bamboo sheets are really the best choice for people who want to enhance the way their beds look and most importantly, feel.

This bamboo sheet set is something you will surely love. It comes with the immense benefits of bamboo fibers. The Hotel Sheets Direct is specifically designed to deliver the best of everything including premium quality, affordability, and top tier manufacturing. There is even a quality assurance team ready to ensure the bamboo sheets set is top-notch. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, it is easy to get it replaced. That said, we understand some people tend to be allergic. Well, you don’t have to worry about these beddings because they contain amazing hypoallergenic features. So, no more suffering due to allergies.

Hotel Sheets Direct Available Colors and Sizes

Everyone has their preference when it comes to colors. Thankfully, this bamboo sheets set comes in a variety of colors including Sand, Light Blue, Grey, Dark Gray, White, and Navy Blue. All these colors are available. Since you have so many choices, it will be super easy to match the color of the sheets and that of your bedroom to enhance your personality and style. It will also be pleasing to be able to pick one of your favorite colors.

The sizes of the bed sheets are also equally important when conducting a purchase. It makes a lot of sense to get the right size sheets that will comfortably fit on your bed.  The wrong size of the sheet will not only fail to fit on the bed perfectly but also make it feel strange. Remember, the critical thing is to make the bed look and feel great. There are different sizes to choose from when buying bed sheets. They include Queen, King, California King, Twin, Twin-XL, and Full. That said, if you are unsure of the size, simply measure your mattress first before making the order. Besides the sheet set, you will also receive two pieces of pillowcases.

The features of Hotel Sheets Direct bamboo bed sheet set

Highest Grade material

Quality is everything and Hotel Sheets Direct stays true to that. The natural fibers used to manufacture the bed sheets are derived from 100% bamboo viscose. There is no such thing as inorganic or artificial materials being added to the fibers. Therefore, the quality is not at all compromised. The manufacturers want to make sure consumers are in touch with nature and appreciate the natural material used to make these bed sheets.

For each sheet manufactured, 144 gsm of bamboo fibers are used. This way, the customers get perfectly made sheets with the highest grade material.


The world has fast become an industrial one and that’s why we have to maintain an ecological balance. It’s a great challenge especially when people tend to unintentionally harm nature during their daily activities of life. The truth is using bamboo fibers to make bed sheets is a great start to keeping a check on the ecological balance.

For one thing, it’s a fast growing plant. Secondly, it requires absolutely no chemicals. This makes it a remarkable choice for nature lovers. Also, the bed sheets don’t have any artificial colors or chemicals added and are hence, are less likely to pose health risks.


Allergies are common among many people. Thousands of people from around the world suffer from allergies. Thankfully, this organic bamboo sheets set is scientifically tested and proven to be naturally hypoallergenic. It also doesn’t bear microbial agents or fungus. As a matter of fact, these bamboo bed sheets are naturally resistant to such allergens. These sheets are the best choice for anyone with a tendency to suffering from allergies.

Speaking of hypoallergenic features, these bamboo sheets are also great for people with sensitive skin. So, if most fabrics don’t feel right for your skin, this might actually be the one that guarantees comfort.

The best experience on sleeping

Sound sleep is known to alleviate anxiety and tension. The Sheets Direct bamboo sheet set is designed to wrap you in the cloud and help you sleep incredibly well. The highest thread count makes the sheets unbelievably soft to ensure you sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling great. These bamboo sheets are as soft as Egyptian sheets. Always look at the thread count because when buying bamboo sheets because it highly determines the quality level of fabric. Lucky for you, the Hotel Sheets Direct bamboo sheets set is made of quite a high thread count. This showcases the excellence of the quality of fabrics.

Hotel Sheets Direct Pros and Cons


·         The sheet set is machine washable ad super easy to clean

·         Naturally resistant to allergies

·         Made of 100% viscose bamboo

·         Durable, comfortable, and incredibly breathable


·         Few of the customers have complained about the pockets not being deep enough


Where is Hotel Sheets Direct made?

Hotel Sheets Direct originates from China.

What thread count do luxury hotels use?

Most of the crisp sheets found at luxury hotels have a thread count of 300. They are often made of cotton or Egyptian cotton, which is breathable and of high quality.

What is the best brand of bamboo sheets?

Hotel Sheets Direct is one of the best brands of bamboo sheets in the market. Their bamboo sheets set is super soft and of top-notch quality.