GoDaddy Hosting Review- Things you should know this year
  • 17 Jul, 2021
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GoDaddy Hosting Review- Things you should know this year

There are currently more than a thousand web hosting services out there. This makes it plenty difficult to find a host that will perfectly match your needs. At first Glance, GoDaddy will look like a great value for your work. But is this true? Is it within your budget? Does it have all the features you want for seamless functionality? Are there seasonal GoDaddy coupon codes, promo codes and Hot deals? You should ask yourself all this before rushing to sign up.
Looking at the customer reviews in most of the blogs and sites, it’s easy to realize that GoDaddy has attracted polarized opinions. So what is it like to sign up for GoDaddy services? This post will help you make the decision fast enough. We’ll test the GoDaddy Performances and take a deep look at the features and several other things that you should know about the same.

GoDaddy web hosting service: Overview

GoDaddy is a web Hosting service currently hosting millions of websites all over the world. It’s a giant service provider for domain name selling and web Hosting services. It also has another long list of the offers which makes it one of the most popular web Hosting service out there. The service satisfies most needs of the website and beyond. It also has some solid pros which inspires most web users to go for it. However, there are some few concerns that you should as well familiarize yourself with. 

Pros & Cons using GoDaddy Hosting


  • Solid Uptime
  • Solid page speeds
  • GoDaddy Offers more than 125 free integrations for the website
  • There’s helpful customer service
  • Cheap economy plan
  • Good value for your money


  • No backups unless you purchase their paid add-on
  • No SSL
  • Missing advanced features

What services does GoDaddy Hosting offer?

GoDaddy is among the most popular sellers of Domain Names and personal and commercial web Hosting services. However, they have an all-round package that most people would want to know about. Here are some of the web Hosting and related services that you can get from GoDaddy Hosting.
Shared Web Hosting
Shared Web Hosting is an alternative for people that don’t want to spend a lot of money on web Hosting. It is a form of cheap web Hosting service that places the website on a server with other websites. This means that the site shares server resources with other websites. This is the main service offered by GoDaddy.
VPS Web Hosting
Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) means that you are paying for space on a shared sever. However, the server isolates you from the server mates. GoDaddy has high quality VPS packages that you can choose from. These plans start from $19.99 every month and renews at $29.99.
Dedicated Web Hosting
This is the tier that users need when they operate a site that demands a lot of resources. This means that your site exists on a server all by itself and hence leverages the server’s power. This kind of Hosting is important for serious web users.
WordPress Web Hosting
GoDaddy also has multiple tiers of managed and unmanaged WordPress Hosting. The Unmanaged web Hosting is cheap and has the same features with the GoDaddy’s shared Plans. The managed hosting will give your website a white-glove treatment.

When to use GoDaddy Hosting service

If you are setting your business on line, you must put aside the budget for hosting mainly because GoDaddy is a little pricy and can get pricier as you add some of their paid add-ons. However, there are better ways to save money with GoDaddy Hosting. GoDaddy Coupons and God Daddy Hosting Hot deals will definitely help you save significantly on your web Hosting.
I personally would recommend GoDaddy shared hosting service for people that are looking for Generous storage and because it doesn’t measure the traffic. Another main advantage of using GoDaddy is the fact that it offers Windows-Based Hosting service that is a good argument to convince some users.

When to avoid GoDaddy’s shared hosting

I will not recommend GoDaddy to anyone if they already have affordable alternatives such as HostGator. There are other affordable alternatives such as GreenGeeks and DreamHost. In this test, GoDaddy is a reliable hosting provider especially if you care about the speeds but it’s not the best for the uptime. If you have a serious project such as avid blogging, you should go for the alternatives. Lastly, if you are looking for advanced options such as the staging areas, the CMS and the server-side caching, go for the alternatives.

GoDaddy vs. Competitors

 Being one of the most popular web hosting service, GoDaddy faces a stiff competition from other alternatives. The fact that most GoDaddy Plans are expensive and lacks cloud hosting makes some users look for alternatives. Here are the alternatives and how GoDaddy matches this.
Wix  has over 500 Designer made templates and a great social and marketing tools. It’s perfect for beginners because no technical knowledge is needed and also has 300 popular & Free Web Apps. The price starts from $4.50-$24.50.
Weebly gives you a free account to start with. You can later upgrade accordingly. The price ranges from $8-$38. It also comes with a built-in Image editor and a dynamic video Background.
SquareSpace might be an expensive alternative but it’s user friendly and has HTML and CSS access, 3rd Party Apps and Integrations. Its rated 9.5 and costs about $16-$54 per month. However, it lacks a free account.
Lastly, WordPress offers the same services with GoDaddy. However, it has simplified WordPress CMS and also includes Hosting, Domains and Plugins. The cost is $5.99-$19.99 per month of service.

Final verdict

I know you are already wondering ‘’how do I get a discount on GoDaddy or How can I Save my GoDaddy Renewal. If that is the case, then you can get 50% off on Hosting plans on It’s also easy to apply the GoDaddy Promo code for domains and get a significant discount.