Eternity Modern Review
  • 23 Aug, 2021
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Eternity Modern Review

There’s a close relationship between a better Home and a happy life. Researchers claim that better home and gardening contributes significantly to mental health, relaxation, and stress management. However, the idea of sweat, dirt, labor, and money always turns people from this naturally incredible pleasure. However, with the best guidance and the best Home and Gardening store for your needs, this process can be very easy. In this review article, we are going to review one of the best Home and Gardening stores-Eternity Modern.

What is Eternity Modern?

Eternity modern is a retail furniture company that is currently marketing and selling mid-century designs online and offline. The main selling point for this company is their quality hand-crafted coffee tables, bar stools, sofas, and chairs. It’s also easy to get 15% Off Eternity Modern Coupon and promo codes.  This can help you save money significantly on your next purchase.

Eternity Modern is based in Vancouver and they initially started by selling traditional brick and mortar stores. Over time, the company changed its business structure. Right now they produce high quality replicas of famous and mid-century pieces and sell all of them online. However, this company has a relatively small number of products that are currently listed for sale.

Besides the fact that this company sells the furniture directly to the customers, they sell them online. I believe that researching and buying furniture online is the future of many companies. For that reason, let’s check whether Eternity Modern has the best deals for you and whether you should consider shopping with them.

Eternity Modern Pros and cons


·         It has high quality furniture

·         The prices are reasonable

·         A large selection of furniture

·         Durable and high quality materials used to make the furniture

·         Monthly Payment installments accepted

·         Free shipping for all orders above $1000

·         Fully customized options


·         Lacks International shipping

What makes Eternity Modern Unique?

I know you are wondering what makes Eternity Modern is different from all the other similar companies out there. Compared to other popular furniture sellers such as Amazon Home, Wayfair, and Overstock, this company focuses mainly on mid-century designers. Take for example the Pierre Jeanneret Chairs that you usually see over Instagram. You can also find Hans Wegner’s Famous Lounge Chair and beautifully made Flag Halyard that will look exactly like the originals. Famous other hairs such as Wassily Chair and Lounge Chair are also sold here.

Moving on to IT-Sofa, the Cameleonda Modular sectional sofa is also on this site. The cloud sofa that you have seen severally on Famous Instagram pages is sold here and is modeled off the original Restoration Hardware sinker. Some of these pieces that we have discussed here are no longer made and this is the only place where you can find them. To help you make the right decisions, we will start by reviewing the Eternity Modern Wassily Chair.

Eternity Modern Wassily Chair Review

This chair is widely known for its sleek design and was created by a popular architect and furniture designer, Marcel Breuer. If you have been out there looking for a modern furniture design, then this is exactly what you need.

Its main selling point is the countless unique aspects showcased. One of them is the handlebars of Vintage leather ‘’alder bicycles’’. Moving on, this chair also features a 3mm sidewall. This ensures durability and stability. It also has a heavy duty tubular steel frame for the same purposes. You will also have sturdy leather straps which are very interesting.

The backward angle of 20 degrees means that the chair is a perfect addition to the contemporary lounge room. It’s also comfortable enough for you especially if you need to relax and read a book. If you want to go with this chair, it has four different seat covers that all come with varying colors and designs. The price will also vary depending on the one that you will pick.

·         Top Grain: now $1429 from $1869

·         Aniline Leather: now $1539 down from $2009

·         Vintage Leather: Now $1649 from $2149

·         Cowhide: Now $1759 from $2299.

Eternity Modern LC 4 Chaise Lounge Review

It’s also very important to check and review still another one of the best sales from Eternity Modern. This is the best addition for people that love modern art. According to Eternity Modern site, this Lounge was designed in 1928 and has now become a permanent part of their sale. It is actually a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art which is now known as MOMA.

With such an iconic History, it is a perfect addition to your home. It also has an ergonomic design because it mirrors all the body’s natural curves. People can as well adjust the chair to the near-right position.

Eternity Modern Womb Chair Replica Review

This was originally designed by Eero Saarinen, who is a famous architect and an industrial designer. The chair was created to simulate the effect of curling the basket of pillows. It takes inspiration from the 1946 design and also features tubular steel legs, plush cushioning, and soft curves which make it very practical.

The chair is made from a Fiberglass shell and covered well with foam and encased with a soft fabric and leather extra cushioning. It is also designed with shiny stainless steel to keep the thighs under study. It’s the best chair to sit, relax and grab some popcorn as you watch your favorite movie.

Besides the furniture reviewed in this post, there are several other products that you can get from Eternity Modern. You can get eternity modern platner chair replica, Eternity Modern Shell Chair, Eternity Modern Wishbone Chair, and several others.


 Regardless of the furniture you want in real time, you can save significantly with Eternity Modern Coupon codes and promo codes. Take your time to research and decide what you want among all the products featured on Eternity Modern. As a matter of fact, there are new additions every day, so take your time.