Emerging Gaming Chair Trends: Razer is releasing New Versions of Some of its Gaming chairs
  • 07 Sep, 2021
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Emerging Gaming Chair Trends: Razer is releasing New Versions of Some of its Gaming chairs


In 2020, the gaming chair industry gained serious success and for that reason, many new and emerging brands saw an opportunity in this industry. There were four main drivers of this tremendous growth in 2020. One of them is the global switch to working from home and the other one is the global chair B2B model struggle. Other factors are the Buyer friendly Market and the effective B2B sales Model. The gaming chair industry report summed these among many other factors as the main drivers of growth in the gaming chair industry.

Today, the consumer demand for a Gaming chair is high and the centralized factories in China, the US, and the UK dominate the production. Being at the core of this industry, Razer, a tech company known for its gaming accessories has introduced new versions of some of their most popular gaming chairs. One of the many additions is the fabric options.

This is an indication that home gamers have a lot of options when it comes to gaming accessories. 2020 saw a growth in Third-party controllers and Bluetooth headsets. While we all need these accessories, one of the most critical pieces is the gaming chair. Razer has launched a new version of the chair that adds the fabric to the original design based on their original Iskur Gaming Chair.


The manufacturer has introduced the Iskur Fabric which aims at giving players more options when they are shopping for their best gaming chair. The new version is made of very soft fabric for a plush feel. It's covered in a material composed of densely woven yarn but the chair is spillproof. This is actually the biggest feature and the most popular reason why buyers are on the wait.

Additional features include the adjustable lumbar support and customizable armrest. As if this is not enough, there are high-density foam cushions and additional benefits. Razer invested all these features for a Gamer Premium feel. This means that the chair retails at a relatively higher price than the previous versions. The newest version is available at $499.

Razer manufacturers are looking to accommodate all sizes of players. This is evident because the extra size option extends the space of the chair by 15%. It also supports people of up to 180Kgs and 208 cms. For these premium features, this version is available at a relatively higher price, $599.

Every interested gamer can purchase these chairs from Razer.com, select retails, and RazerStore Locations. Furthermore, clients can save greatly by looking out for special deals on Razerstore, Amazon, and few other retailers. As a big fan of Razer gaming gears including gaming laptops, gaming chairs, and other gaming accessories, you should pay particular attention to any offers that can save you money. Check the special Razer mice on offer, Razer Gaming laptops, headphones, and Razer Gaming chairs on offer, and utilize special Razer.com coupons to save money.