Babbel Review
  • 26 Jul, 2021
  • By Admin

Babbel Review

With the changing technology and dynamical needs of the current world, it’s now very easy to learn a language online. However, as you think about your language learning program, it’s always important to understand the benefits and the drawbacks of learning any language online. It doesn’t matter whether the program is in person or hosted virtually, a quality program will help you balance the cultural context with the language skills such as speaking and writing. So where can you learn a language online? What is the average cost of learning a language online? All these questions will be answered here.

Before delving any deeper, let me introduce one of the most popular language-learning app-Babbel. You can learn up to 14 languages with Babbel which includes French, German, Swedish, Turkish, and Portuguese among many others. While most Babbel competitors focus mainly on speech, Babbel helps you learn the language, read and write in that specific language.

What is Babbel and how does it work?

Babbel is an app that helps users learn more than 18 different languages on subscription-based upgrades. The app is curriculum-based with pre-recorded content and there are no live interactions involved. In this Babbel review, we’ll focus on the basics to help you make a sound decision.

Babbel pros and cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Better than the competitors
  • Podcasts are available for some languages
  • High-quality lessons
  • Helpful for beginners
  • Learners can jump to different levels
  • It’s a more professional alternative to Duolingo
  • The lessons are designed by in-house linguists
  • Covers a wide variety of languages


  • Needs a better visual layout of topics
  • Lack of live classes
  • It feels so much like an imitation product
  • It has tedious lessons

Who can benefit from the Babbel app?

Babbel app attracts beginner learners who are getting started with a certain language. It’s also for every person that wants to learn a different language part-time. The main advantage is that Babbel app is on the low end when it comes to pricing. There’re seasonal Babbel promo codes and Hot deals that can help you save money on Babbel upgrades.

Given that Babbel offers a software-based learning approach, it can be very useful for people that are looking to learn vocabulary and improve their sentence structures. Additionally, Babbel allows learners to jump around different levels if they feel so confident. This is a feature that most language learning apps such as Duolingo don’t allow until you arrive at the specified stage. What this means is that Babbel opens the door for advanced language learners.

Getting started with Babbel

Research from the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina shows that Babbel is an effective app especially when it comes to learning different languages such as English, German, French, and Spanish. They claimed that 15 hours of learning with Babbel is equivalent to one college semester of Spanish.

So how do you get started?

You just need to download Babbel and choose a language, you will eventually be required to choose a plan, pay, and start learning. Babbel doesn’t have any ads. It uses a transparent and subscription-based price model. This means that you are both a learner and a customer of Babbel. They will focus mainly on empowering you to start speaking different languages and most importantly reading and writing in the same.

User Experience

Let’s now check on how Babbel language app works and how it can help you sharpen your second language skills. The app is mainly focused on helping learners capture new words that can increasingly improve their grammar skills and sentence structures. Compared to similar apps such as Busuu and Duolingo, Babbel claims to help beginners sharpen their conversational skills.

The Babbel’s content is unique per different languages. This means that it has a lot of quality content. A good example is the Babbel Spanish class that has better quality and quantity of lessons when compared directly to the competitors.

In simple terms, the user experience is slightly different from learning through other apps. The app uses a mixture of flashcards, multiple-choice formatting and fill in blanks to teach the languages. One main disadvantage is the fact that it doesn’t offer any live lesson experiences or even interactions with the native speakers.

Babbel prices and upgrades

The cost of learning through Babbel is fairly low. But you will have to subscribe depending on the language you want to learn. But still, you will receive enough content for the price you pay. Compared to some similar instructional and software-based apps, Babbel is very affordable.

Price comparison

Language app





Podcasts and saved content

Rosetta stone

$6.99 per month (annual subscription)

$18.99 per 3 months

Saved content, Live classes, podcasts



$6.66 per month (annual subscription)

$12.90 per 3 months

Saved content, Live classes, podcasts



$4.92 (annual subscriptions)

$9 monthly subscriptions

Saved content, Live classes, podcasts


The search engine information shows that most people usually debate between using Babbel or Duolingo mainly because of the free price option.

Study time

The time required for you to attend the lessons varies from one app to the other. However, Babbel is in line with similar language apps. You can learn when you are most free. You can as well learn on the go from your smart device. If you manage to have a lot of time, you can take a little shorter time to perfect on the language and complete the lessons.

Final verdict

Babbel is a fairly cheap and effective language learning app that competes fairly well with Duolingo. The app is well funded and the lessons are designed by experts rather than community contributors. However, I think that it’s relatively expensive than Duolingo. The lessons are also tedious and the product is fairly uninspiring despite all the marketing.

But you still have a chance to save some money on monthly subscriptions through Babbel’s Coupon codes and seasonal promotions. You can as well skip from one level to the other depending on your understanding of the language.