4K Download Review
  • 26 Jul, 2021
  • By Admin
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4K Download Review

YouTube was launched in 2005 and today it’s the second most visited website in the world mainly because of the videos and the music. Today, there are more than 1.3 Billion people using the YouTube and other websites to search for movies, music, videos and audio. This is exactly what raises the need for highly reliable downloaders for specific needs of downloading audio and videos from the internet. But Videos and audio are potentially malicious file types meaning that they can be embedded in or disguised as an infected video file.

The fact is that media players and media downloaders are frequently used software which means that they can increase the risk of infecting your computer or your smart device with malicious viruses and malware. This is the reason why we highly encourage the use of highly secure and reliable downloaders to minimize the risk of viruses and malware and increase satisfaction. Today, we’re reviewing one of the most popular downloader-4K download. Before that, it’s important to note that there’s currently a 60% off 4K Download Coupon to save you money on subscriptions.

About 4K Download

4K Downloader is a media downloading software that helps you download videos from major platforms such as YouTube in their original quality. As the name suggests, this software downloads videos whether music, movies, short clips or podcasts in 4K quality. The software is designed for downloading YouTube videos. The fact is downloading YouTube videos is a major challenge. It’s able to download even the highest quality of video content. You can as well download entire playlists. The software also comes with additional features that are very useful in the industry.

Additionally, 4K Video Downloader makes it possible for you to download private Video contents on YouTube. Users will equally be able to subscribe to channels through the app itself rather than going through the YouTube channel.

The best part of this software is that you can download the subtitles and get the favourite video for watching later. It’s also easy to download HQ audio using this tool especially if you are YouTube’s premium member. To learn more about this app and clearly understand all you need to do to download and start using 4K video Downloader, check the review below.

4K Download pros and cons


  • It’s easy to use
  • Allows you to download playlist
  • You can download subtitles
  • Option to add proxy
  • Private YouTube content can be downloaded with ease
  • Has a Free version
  • Speed and Inte4nsity Capping


  • Need to download the tool
  • The Free version doesn’t allow simultaneous downloads

How much does 4K download cost?

You will be needed to pay $15 to unlock the 4K Download premium features. This is a onetime fee for 3 computers. The best thing about this is that you will unlock all the features and you can easily download simultaneously. The Premium 4K Download Bundle will come with 3 software which are 4K Video Downloader, the 4K YouTube to MP3, and 4K Stogarm. This will now cost you $25. This is a onetime fee too. This price might be higher than you expect but the fact remains there are different 4K Download coupons and seasonal deals that can help individuals save significantly.

Is 4K Download Trustworthy?

Yes, 4K Download is safe to use if you want to download videos and MP3 from the YouTube. You can easily download videos from many other platforms such as Whatnot, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. You are only supposed to pay a onetime fee of 25 dollars and unlock all the premium features.

If you don’t mind the Premium features such as simultaneous download, you can pick the free version. It can support 4K and 8K resolution Videos. You can as well download subtitles and annotations.

I know you are now wondering whether the 4K download have a limit. The fact is that it doesn’t have a limit. You can download full playlists and videos if you want. However, the free version allows downloading playlists for up to 24 videos. The Premium version even allows you to download and subscribe to channels.

4K Download Review: Key Features

  • Download annotations
  • YouTube Premium auto download
  • Private Video Download
  • In-App Proxy
  • Smart Mode
  • 3D and 360o Video Download
  • Video subtitle download
  • YouTube playlist download
  • In-App channel subscription
  • URL Import and Export
  • Age Restricted Content Download
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Speed Limiting Capabilities
  • YouTube Channel Download
  • Lower Quality Video Downloads

Who is 4K Download software for?

There’s no limit to what 4K Download can do. As a matter of fact, this software is for everyone, individuals, SMBs, Large Businesses, Agencies and any other interested party that seeks to download high quality videos for different reasons.

I personally like this software because it’s very effective in downloading store videos. The tool doesn’t only help you download the videos in 4K from the YouTube in high quality but also allows you to download every other quality you need. The feature that stands up for me is the fact that you can download subtitles and annotations along with your favourite videos.

Besides being relatively expensive software for its premium features, there are a couple of ways you can save money along the way. The first is the fact that 4K Download provides you with seasonal promo codes and hot deals. You can as well secure a 50% off 4K Download Coupon code for August and September 2021.

Why is 4K Video Downloader not working?

There are several reasons why the 4K Video Download doesn’t work. If it has crashed, make sure that it isn’t blacklisted by the antivirus or the firewall especially if you have any of this software installed. You also need to check the updates and the upgrades to make sure you have the latest versions. You can uninstall and reinstall the software or reboot your device to see if the problem will be solved.

Final verdict

How many times did you try to download a private video on YouTube or Facebook in vain? I can guess this is an often occurring issue that you find frustrating. Besides the fact that you can end up paying for 4K Download premium features, it’s one of the cheapest and highly effective downloaders that can help you download video contents and convert music to MP3 audios with ease. What are you waiting for, secure this 4K Download Coupon code and get up to 65% off the premium subscription.